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Avocado With Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream On Ripe Avocado  

Few of us who have eaten avocados are not aware of the very popular avocado gulacamole salad - a few variations of this famous avocado recipe can satisfy the refined tastes of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. But we are here to talk about another secret that allows you to relish your avocado while still drawing the health benefits of the fruit. Ripe avocados can be included in fruit salads too but, the subtle flavor of the fruit could easily get lost in the stronger flavors of some other fruit. So what we have here is ice cream with avocado, a simple option that retains the flavor of avocado and adds the cool delicacy of ice cream.

Since the first taste we got of this amazing combination of avocado and ice cream was in Thailand, the dessert had to have some of the classic Thai flavoring - in this case it was the unique flavor of coconut ice cream. One round scoop of coconut ice cream topped what was about half a cup of ripe avocado pieces. Thailand might not be the best known place to source avocados but, the country does have a few surprises in store. While most super markets stock avocados imported from outside the country, Thailand does grow a limited amount of the fruit - mainly through the Royal family supported schemes. To make the best avocado ice cream combination, the avocados would ideally have ripened to the first degree. You do not want over ripe avocados and you surely don't want those that are largely raw.

avocado ice cream with coconut ice cream
Avocado with ice cream - to retain the natural flavor of this avocado delicacy, you might want to try using coconut ice cream instead of other ice cream options that rely heavily on artificial colors and flavors.

The ripe avocado that you plan to eat with ice cream should be in a condition that it can be cut into pieces. The skin of the avocado needs to be taken off and you might not be able to do that in a way that you would for many other fruits - so here is a good suggestion. Before you begin with cutting your avocado, use the thumb and put a slight pressure on the frui - a slight depression would mean that the avocado is perfectly ripe, should the thumb cause a significant sink into the fruit, presume that it is over ripe. A tight hard avocado that does not yield to the pressure from your thumb, is still raw. Assuming that you have found the right avocado, you will need to cut the fruit into two halves, read on before you attempt to do that. Cutting an avocado into two does not mean that you split the large center seed portion too. Use a knife and carefully cut all around the half line (vertically), the knife should go deep enough to touch the center seed but not cut through it. Now keep the knife aside, use both hands and carefully separate the two halves of the avocado. The seed on a sufficiently ripe (not over ripe) avocado would stick to one of the halves - use your fingers and scoop it out of it's place. An over ripe avocado will just end up being a senseless pulp after you try to cut it and the seed, is quite likely to just drop out on it's own once the two halves are separated.

You now have two halves of the avocado minus the seed portion. Use a spoon and scoop the pulp from the skin, the scoops should be fairly large - you don't want to mince the pulp. Once you have scooped out large pieces of avocado from the skin, use a knife and cut the scoops into smaller pieces, a 2cm size should be fine. Now place the cut avocado pieces in small bowls, scoop some coconut ice cream and place it on top of the cut pieces in each of the bowls. You can decide just how much ice cream you wish to add to the avocados, too much of it might, cause the avocado flavor to lessen. If you do not have access to coconut ice cream, regular flavored ice creams could do the job. However do not go for ice creams with strong flavors as they would almost entirely subdue the avocado taste and flavor.

Before you set out to feast on your avocado ice cream bowl, here are some suggestions. When you pick a portion of avocado ice cream, make sure that it contains some ice cream and some avocado. If you wish to go easy on the ice cream part of this recipe, keep the scoop sufficiently small. The next thing is to allow the ice cream to just begin melting before, you start eating the dish. The melted ice cream provides a more uniform spread across the fruit and this, is a good idea for those of you who do not wish to eat too much of ice cream. Some of you might want to make this like conventional ice cream fruit salad and this is quite easy, just add othr fruits of your choice. Before you combine other fruits with the avocado ice cream dish, you should know that this could compromise the delicate flavor of the avocado.

We did refer to the avocado ice cream dish as a 'dessert', giving you the impression that it can be eaten after a whole meal. In reality, the fruit itself and the ice cream can be quite filling and heavy depending on, just how much of the dish you eat. Since most of you would be making this dish at home, consider the quantity of each serving and adjust meal size before arriving at the dessert. Though avocado itself does not have much sugar content, the ice cream will add those calories. Since making ice cream or even coconut ice cream is not a complicated process - you could try making your ice cream and maintain required control over the proportion of sugar used. 


avocado health benefits
Medical research has proved that eating avocados can be beneficial for health in general and for the heart in particular ... more.



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