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Cleansing Crystals - Crystal Healing

How To Cleanse Crystals, For Crystal Healing And Crystal Therapy

Before we get into the details of cleansing crystals we would like to clarify that, the information related to crystals and beliefs attached to various crystals is provided only by way of information. We do not suggest or claim that, crystals have any special powers or capabilities. The belief and tradition in crystal healing and crystal theraphy has existed for centuries. Various civilizations have honed this into an art form that is often given scientific implications - but we feel that all this depends on an individual. It is somewhat like religion, a faith in something extraordinary and powerful. Believers of crystal theraphy recommend that crystals need to be cleansed after they have been procured. Some seasoned crystal healers suggest, that periodic cleansing of crystals makes them more receptive and positive.

Crystals have been used form many centuries to do things beyond just being adorned in jewelry. For example, the belief that the gemstone hematite helps blood circulation and relieves blood disorders is quite wide spread. Blue lapis lazuli is worn to keep away depression and boost the immune system. If you look at the benefits that are supposed to be derived through crystal healing and crystal theraphy, some of them are in the form of motivating boosters, or in the form of confidence givers. What needs to be handled with caution, is the medicinal powers attributed to some crystal gems. A good example, is the age old belief that the turquoise gemstone can reduce the severity of arthritis. This is something that needs to be carefully considered - we do not recommend that you skip a visit to your family doctor, or skip a dose of medicine prescribed by your doctor and instead, try getting crystal healed with turquoise!

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Answers to all the above questions and more, in this comprehensive article on cleansing crystals. A report compiled by the experts at Kaisilver, the world's leading online highend custom jewelry provider.

You will come across hundereds of articles and books talking about the spiritual and medical powers of crystals. Though many traditions and beliefs attributed to gem stone crystals, originated in China and India the practice and belief in crystal healing, crystal meditation and crystal theraphy can be seen on every continent today. The basics of crystals will tell you that, crystals have a capability to absorb various energies and 'moods', they are also able to transmit these acquired and self posessed energies and vibrations. The ability of a crystal to absorb and transmit (transfer) energies and vibrations, is enhanced when the crystals are cleansed.

The theory is that, all crystals posess some positive and negative energies at all times. When you first get the crystals to your home, you need to get them in what could be called a 'neutral state'. This can be achieved by cleansing the crystals, we will tell you how this is done in the next few paragraphs. A small explanation would make the practice of cleaning crystals much clearer. When you first bring a crystal into your home, it could have come from an environment that is packed with negative energies. Since the crystal is capable of both, absorbing and transmitting energies, the negative energy and vibrations that came with it, could be transferred to you. So before you use these new crystals for practising crystal meditation or crystal healing, you should cleanse the crystals. Once this is done, the crystal would be receptive and attentive to your requirements and expectations.

Suggestions For Cleansing Your Crystals.

Most people who use crystals for theraphy and meditation agree that, when you cleanse a crystal the spiritual relevance is more than the physical activity of cleansing the crystals. Once you talk on this note, you will realize that, there is a big difference between washing some stones and cleansing the same. When you cleanse crystals, they come back to an equilibrium state and are ready to absorb and transmit new energies. You can then tune them to to your frequency and energy state. It is often recommended that all the crystals not be mixed together when being cleansed. Each type of crystal needs to be cleansed separately.  

Salt Cleansing: This is commonly recommended for all new gemstone crystals that you are handling for the first time. Let us simplify this explanation by saying that, salt cleansing of crystals is especially suitable for crystals that have just been procured. Serious crystal therapy believers recommend rock salt, which is sea salt before it is processed and refined. However you can go ahead and use food salt, if that is more convenient for you. Salt is taken to come from the sea, the water of which is capable of and meant to clean and purify.

When cleansing crystals with salt, you could use the salt in dry form or dissolve it in some water. If you wish to cleanse your crystal with dry salt, fill a container with salt enough to immerse the entire gemstone crystal. If the crystal has a tip, let the tip point downwards. This is believed to ground the crystal to mother earth. In wet salt cleansing for crystals, take a tablespoon of salt and dissolve it in a small container filled with water. Let the water remain at room temperature. If you are in a hurry and cannot wait until the salt dissolves in the cool water, you can raise the temperature of the water. Remember not to place the crystal in the water when it is being heated or when it is still warm. The crystal will be placed in the container only after the water has come down to room temperature AND all the salt has been dissolved in it. We would recommend using a glass or ceramic, container for salt. Plastics and some other materials used to make containers, can show a chemical reaction when kept in contact with salt for too long.

It is important to understand the time element, the duration for which the crystal will be left in the dry salt or salt water to be cleansed. Most articles and publications suggest that you leave the crystals in the dry salt or salt solution overnight. There is a technical implication here, some gems like bloodstone and turquoise can be affected if left in water for too long. Though not many reports of crystals being affected with dry salt are on the records, some caution is advised here too. If you are not sure whether the specific crystals that you want to cleanse are going to be affected by prolonged soaking in water or being exposed to dry salt for many hours, you might want to try one of the other options (discussed below) to cleanse your crystal.

Moonlight Cleansing: This is another popular way to cleanse crystal gemstones. It is also a more compelling way for cleansing crystals that are affected by long exposure to salt or water soaking. The above paragraph on salt cleansing of crystals has the relevant references for effect of soaking some crystals. It is believed that the lunar powers add to the power of the crystal and thereby make it more effective for crystal healing and crystal therapy. A full moon night is when you should ideally cleanse your crystals. A window that is exposed to at least a few hours of moonlight during the full moon, is an ideal location. For reasons of safety, many people place the crystals inside the house by the closed window. The moonlight would pass through the glass and then gently bathe the crystal gemstones. It would be good if the direct moonlight could envelop the gems without the glass in between but, do not try it if you fear that it could get your crystals lost or stolen. We would suggest that you also read the paragraph on crystal gemstone cleansing with flowers or herbs, it offers an interesting variation for moonlight crystal cleansing.

It is important to ensure that, the crystals do not fall in the hands of babies or children. You would ofcourse not want your loving dog or cat, to mess around with the crystals too. If you are cleansing new crystals that you have just procured, a longer moonlight bathe is recommended. To do this cleanse the crystal gemstons for three nights, begin one night before the full moon, carry it on into the night of the full moon and let it extend to the night after the full moon. We had mentioned that crystal therapist recommend crystal cleansing, even for crystals that have been with you for  while. Let us refer to this as re-vitalising old crystals, or cleansing used crystals. In this case, you could use the moonlight of the full moon day to cleanse the crystals, so one night would be sufficient.

You need to understand the terms 'old' and 'new' with reference to crystals. When you have just received, procured or purchased crystals - we refer to them as new crystals. The fact that these crystals that just reached your posession, could have been used for any purpose by someone else - is not relevant. The crystals are new to you and need a thorough cleansing. When we talk about cleansing existing or old crystals, we mean crystals that you have already used (once or many times) for crystal meditation, theraphy or healing.

Herbal or Flower Cleansing: Most crystal theraphist recommend that this method to cleanse your crystals be combined with, other methods like moonlight cleansing. A smal urn or vase is filled with dried petals or herbs, the crystal is immersed in the vase for about a week. You can actually combine this with moon cleansing your crystal gems in an interesting way. When placing the crystals in the moonlight, fill the vase or container with dried flowers or herbs. It is said that combining this method with moonlight cleansing, reduces the time required to cleanse to around 3 days. However, if you try only a herbal or flower cleanse for your crystals (without combining with a moonlight cleanse), the crystals take around a week to be cleansed.

Earth Cleansing: This method to cleanse crystals comes with an interesting and fairly logical explanation. Since most of not all crystal gems are born in the earth, burying your crystals in the ground is a good way to cleanse or rejevunate them. The natural magnetic effect (gravity perhaps) helps to draw away any negativity that may have existed or been absorbed by the crystals. Make sure that the place in which you bury the crystals in the earth is safe enough to leave the crystals for aroud one day. If you plan to cleanse your crystal in this way, keep the exact location in mind - it will make it easier for you to retrieve the stones after the cleansing process is complete.

Amethyst Bed Cleansing: One of the more interesting ways to cleanse many crystals at one time. Recommended by quite a few crystal healers, it uses a large piece of amethyst, also referred to as an amethyst bed. The special powers attributed to amethyst capable of amplifying the power of any crystal placed on it. Depending on the size of the amethyst crystal bed that you can manage to find, it is possible to cleanse dozens of crystals at a time.

Other Options: The above suggestions to cleanse crystals are generally recommended by most crystal believers. Here are some quick notes on options that we have come across from various sources. Sunlight bathing is sometimes recommended but, you will need to check the suitability of specific crysals to light and heat exposure, before using sunlight to cleanse crystals. Smudging, is a process where a small amount of dried herbs are burn to generate mild smoke. The smoke is then gently blown over the crystals. Crystal theraphy experts use this method to cleanse a large volume of crystals. Rememer that the volume of smoke, fire or heat generated by burning the herbs should be very slight. It might be a good idea, to leave an open window or ventilator to allow a way for the smoke to exit the room. Sound is also believed to cleanse crystals, ideally from a bell. For some reasons, it is suggested that this method be used only for one crystal at a time. The effects are supposed to be better than trying to cleanse a box full of crystals at a time.


With the wide range of options available to cleanse crystals, each individual could choose an option that is convenient and preferred by them. Just keep in mind that, crystal healing or crystal theraphy should be treated more like a religion. In cases where crystal healers recommend crystal therapy to cure various physical conditions and body ailments, use it as a tool to keep yourself encouraged and motivated. Do not, try to replace professional medical diagnosis and medications with any other form of treatment.

The above information has been compiled in the public by the Kaisilver team. Most readers of this report will be aware that, Kaisilver is not related in any way to the health and nutrition industry. We are the world's leading provider of highend custom jewelry. We ocassionally come across interesting information that we feel will be useful for a large audience, such information is published online for the benefit of everyone. We would suggest that you address all medical conditions and treatment issues to your family doctor. No report that you read online or in print, should be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice from your own doctor. Our team at would be glad to hear your comments and suggestions related to any material published on this website.


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