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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Concepts, Interesting Reports 

Very simply put, feng shui is all about human life and it's interaction with the environment. Don't mix up the feng shui concepts with destiny, they are poles apart. While destiny is something that you cannot change and is ingrained into your life, feng shui is dynamic. Feng shui tells you that your interaction with various elements in the environment, can produce energies that are positive and negative. At the same time it also teaches you, how to enhance and retain the positive energies and reduce or eliminate the negative ones. Feng shui teaches you balance and once you attain that, you can live your life in peace and harmony. Feng shui is relevant everywhere, in your work place and home.

At home, feng shui can give constructive advice on how the various rooms in the house should be placed and located. The kitchen, the hall room and even the bathroom have a position that is good and a position that is bad. If you live in a house that has already been constructed, feng shui tells you how you can reduce the intensity of negative energies without, making expensive structural changes to the premises. For example, it is advised that the hall room not be located directly below the toilet. But if your house is already built that way, feng shui recommends that you place some potted plants in the corners of the hall room. Within each of the room, there is an ideal way to place various objects, this placement will allow the free flow or positive energies into the room.

If you had to literally translate the term 'feng shui' it would mean, wind and water. Feng shui recognizes five elements that interact with each other and also interact with us humans. These elements are fire, water, wood, earth and metal. The concept of the yin yang is deeply rooted in the feng shui concepts. Yin is the passive energy, it is feminine, calm and represents darkness. On the other hand yang is active and bright, representing a positive energy. The yin and yang are not static, they are constantly changing and flowing into each other. 

In this section we present a series of reports related to feng shui, read them with an open mind. There is no religious angle in these reports. You can adapt the concepts discussed in the various feng shui reports to better your family life and profession. We do not claim that these concepts have any magical powers, use them as motivating tools and include the more practical ideas into your lifestyle. Our earlier report on the ying yang symbol attracted interested readers from across the globe, we expect the same scenario for these feng shui related reports.  


feng shui in the house In this report we cover some very interesting feng shui concepts related to the hall room, the main room that is attached the front door of the house. We talk about the basic positioning of the hall room in the house and learn that, it should not be located directly below the toilet. The good thing about feng shui is that, it provides constructive ways in which to correct the movement of energies into the house. In many cases, this can be done without undertaking expensive repairs and restructuring. The hall room is one of the prominent rooms in any home, the residents of the house spend a lot of time in this room. Guests are also welcomed into the house in this room. You should therefore ensure that the room itself and the objects within the room, allow and encourage the flow of positive energies into the room and then into the rest of the house. Feng shui provides useful advice on how you can reduce the negative energy and also obstruct it's path into the house. We do hope that you have a fine time reading this report on feng shui and it's relevance to your hall room. Review the complete report here.


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