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Interesting articles, more than just news reports. This online resources packs articles of general and specific interest. Many of the articles that you read on this website have both interest and utility value. Not much about war and peoples revolts, not much about political change, nothing about elections and the new government or president. We highlight issues and topics that other news sources find boring or non-profitable. The information on this website is not meant to sell you anything, we do not expect to make money from these articles. All we hope is that the content on this site, will make a small difference to a life somewhere on this planet. Kaisilver the world's leading online custom jewellery provider maintains this online resource as a community service. It is our way of saying thank you to nations and people across the globe. Quickly maturing from a small jewelry workshop to one of the internet's best known providers of highend jewelry, we today owe a lot of our success to society local and international.

crystal cleansing, crystal therapy and getting maximum benefits through crystal healing The popularity of crystal therapy and crystal healing has grown across the globe. Crystal healers have reported increased sales of crystals and increased appointments from people hoping to get the benefits of crystals. While we do not claim any special powers for any gemstone or crystal, the queries about crystal cleansing received by the Kai Silver team have been growing in recent years. Crystal healers and crystal therapists claim that, cleansing crystals increases their capacity to absorb and transmit useful and good energies. What is the meaning of crystal cleansing. How can you cleanse your crystal gemstones. With various methods available to cleanse your crystals, it is a good idea to learn about the various options. Many crystal gazers are not aware that, both old and new crystals need to be cleansed. Crystals used for therapy or healing for can be rejevunated by re-cleansing the crystal. While many people claim that many crystals can be cleaned in one session, experts suggest to use specific crystal cleansing methods if you want to cleanse many crystals at one time. We strongly suggest that you do not give up any medical advise or medical prescription in trying use crystal therapy as an alternative ... more.

dubai development, travel and tourism in dubai A family friendly report from Kaisilver on the developments in Dubai. The domination of oil exports as a revenue earner for Dubai has existed for many decades. Dubai authorities now realize that, the nation's oil reserves will not last for ever. Development in Dubai is today geared to generate multiple revenue streams for the Middle East nation. Efforts are seriously on to turn the country into an international hub for tourism and shopping. Kaisilver jewelry is exported to Dubai but, the world's leading online custom jewelry provider does not have any physical presence in the country. We say this to clarify that, this report on developments in Dubai was NOT filed to get us any commercial benefits. It is indeed very encouraging to see a nation sincerely working to make a better future for it's citizens. Importance is today given to education and the development of advanced medical facilities. We also spent some time seeing the way in which residents of Dubai celebrate the new year, December is also a time for peak tourist arrivals. The western influence in this largely Muslim domination nation is clearly visible. Shopping at Dubai is generally a high end experience, big price tags and big brand labels dominate the shopping malls ... more.

what is the yin yang meaning A very interesting leisure related article, the meaning of the historic yin yang symbol. We take a deeper look at the significance of the yin yang and see how it can be relevant to modern day lifestyles. You need not have any specific religious or nationality sentiments to understand and benefit from the meaning of the yin yang. The yin yang interpretation can mean different things to different people. In it's simplest form, you could interpret the yin yang to mean tolerance for those who hold different views and opinions from yours. The Kaisilver team also feels that the concept of the yin yang can be well applied to married life. The way to success in marriage will depend on the husband and wife accepting each others likes and differences. In a way the meaning of the yin yang could imply moderation, being aware of the fact that even joy and happiness cannot be endless and forever. Similarly hardships and tough times in life will soon give way to better days. You can draw encouragement and inspiration from the significance of the yin yang to better your daily life. The same concepts will apply to your profession or business, age, nationality, religion and gender place no limitations on your ability to harness the benefits of the yin yang meaning and tradition  ... more.

vegetarian food in thailand, where to eat thai vegetarian food Vegetarian food in Thailand, might not sound like a big issue but strict vegetarians might find that finding vegetarian food is not always that easy. It really depends on where you stay when you visit Thailand. In the main cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiangmai - finding someone to understand your English might not be too tough. Big shopping malls and retaurants would most porbably have food outlets that can serve vegetarian food. The important thing is whether you are interested in Thai vegetarian food or do not mind eating vegetarian food of any type. For example, a large number of foreigners who seek vegetarian food in Bangkok make their way to one of the many Indian restaurants that can be found in the city. While Indian vegetarian food is not something that many of us might relish or long for on a visit to Thailand, you can rest assured that the Indians understand what the term vegetarian food really means. Eating in a Thai restaurant that has a separate section in the menu dedicated to vegetarian food is a safe proposition. Some restaurants might offer to customize their regular menu items to a vegetarian format. One of the very important things when looking for vegetarian food in Thailand is to make sure that the staff in the place where you plan to eat, understand exactly what you mean. Check out our detailed report on vegetarian food in Thailand ... more.

antique chairs, unique and old style furniture Antique Style Chairs, hard to find old chairs and classic chairs made by some of the finest craftsmen. These images of rare chairs have been put together from various locations. You will see some fine carved wood chairs and also a splendid set of chairs and table made from stained glass. A unique pertified wood chair, that is has a weight that is far more than it's dimensions would suggest. Artistic carved wooden chairs and furniture is becoming rarer for more than one reason. The high price of such antique styled carved furniture attracts an elite but select client category. This has meant low production and craftsmen with skills and experience are not many today. It is quite possible that environment protection efforts will lower the availability of such heavy wood furniture. Our collection of unique chairs, includes some rather innovative pieces of furniture. Cut and sliced tree barks are left in their own form and used as sitting stools. You will also see some amazing works of art, a big heavy chair with a dragon for the back of the piece. It will surely not be long before such classic pieces of furniture are gone forever. Our team has travelled far and wide to compile this amazing collection of chairs and sitting stools. We will obviously keep adding more photographs as we get them ... more.

japan wedding rings, smashing wedding rings Japanese Wedding Rings, are gaining significance during divorce. In a ceremony that can be very simple or very elaborate, japanese couples have started a new trend. As the rate of divorce in Japan keeps steadily rising, so does the practice of smashing a wedding ring. Once the couple has decided to part ways and begin a new life, the couple might choose to smash their wedding rings with a hammer. The idea is to signify the end of a solemn relationship and begin new life - separately. While the practice of breaking a wedding ring is not an ancient tradition in Japan, divorcing couples generally keep traditions in mind. The hammer used to smash the wedding rings is often shaped like a frog. Ancient Japanese belief says that, the frog depicts change and something new - couples find this to be an inspiration to the beginning of a new life. The ceremony that follows the decision to smash wedding rings is a solemn ocassion, it could sometimes involve a dozen relatives being witness to the (sad) event. Not much is known about what happens to the wedding rings after they are smashed but, at least a few couples have resorted to floating the destroyed wedding ring in a small candle lit lanter, the river side is the scene of this final journey made by the once auspicious ring. It is not known whether this trend will gather momentum in the near future but, couples who have divorced with such a ceremony say that they feel relieved and motivated to look for new things in life ... more.

mothers day celebrations across the world Mothers Day Origins: While the commercialization of mothers day has made it a well known day in many nations, it is interesting to learn about the background related to some of the ways in which mothers day celebrations commenced. It is interesting to see how the commercial angle of mothers day, saddened the 'founder' of this special day in the United States. In Egypt, it was the plight of a neglected mother by her educated and son that, triggered the introduction of a special day to celebrate mothers. In times of war, it was often felt that larger families could offer more to the nation in terms of, well abled men who could fight in the war. This was one interesting story for the origin of mothers day in some countries, it was hoped that mothers could be encouraged to raise large families. There is no doubt, that the demand for mothers day gifts keeps growing each year. The fact however is that, a mother would be satisfied and happy just to be near her loving children. While you could shop for a mothers ring, or mothers pendant for that special day, there really is no need to splurge beyond your convenient means. Taking mother out to lunch or dinner with the family, helping mother clean the home or trim the garden are all ways in which you could tell her how much you love her. In our humble opinion, you need not wait for a specific day to make your mother feel good. Everyday is worth celebrating, just care and love her as much as you can. Remember that there never will be anyone or anything that can take the place of a mother, she is special, she is everything ... more.

petrol and gas stations and driving in Thailand

Thai Petrol Stations Utility: If you happen to be driving in Thailand, keep one simple thing in mind - the petrol stations in the country can be important for making a comfortable and safe journey. While you can obviously fill up your car or vehicle at one of these Thai petrol pumps (pump is the word the Thais use), there are many other convenient utilities that are generally available on the premises. Convenience stores can be seen in most petrol stations - these are open all through the day and night. Hot and cold beverages, snacks, chips, batteries, sun hats, cell phone cards, water bottles and even simple medicines like paracetamol and pain balms can be found in these convenience stores. While coffee is available at a moderate price, you can also enjoy a more professionally brewed coffee at one of the coffee shops located on the premises of the petrol station. Eating outlets, bakeries and coffee shops might close late evening but, you still have many options at the always-open convenience stores. Talking about these petrol pumps making your journey safer keep in mind that, driving with a tired or sleepy mind can be dangerous and the cause of accidents. Pull into one of these petrol stations, stretch out your legs use the clean toilet facilities and down a coffee or tea to freshen yourself up. And if you are in dire need of a short nap, it might be a better idea to turn do that in your car when parked at one of these places. Our team has compiled a useful report to, enlighten you about how the petrol stations in Thailand can be used to benefit you and add comfort to your drive ... more.

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