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This section of our website has some interesting news and information related to international food. You could also find some outstanding recipes for international food from various countries. While Thailand is proud to have food that is known and liked across the globe, we are also interested in knowing about food from other countries. You will find Italian, French, Indian, Brazilian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Sri Lankan, Irish, American restaurants in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and probably even in the northern province of Chaingmai. The content in this section talks about general issues related to international food, the objective is wider and does is not restricted to just international food recipes.

Cellophane Noodles: What are cellophane noodles, what are these noodles made from. How do you cook cellophane noodles ... more. Crystal Cleansing: Beliefs and tradtions in various crystals and gems have existed for centuries. Cleansing crystals is about enhancing the effect of gems ... more. Excercise Benefits: Modern lifestyles have made excercising a necessity. The present and future benefits of excercise, make it a good investment ... more.
Yin Yang Relevance: The meaning of the yin yang is relevant even in today's world. We talk about ways to harness he yin yang concept to help you lead a better life ... more. Thai Vegetarian Food: Some great tips for eating vegetarian Thai food. Whether you want to eat Thai veg or cook, some thai vegetarian food, this food article is both interesting and useful ... more. Feng Shui: The concept of feng shui, tries to explain the relationship between humans and the environment. At the heart of this concept is the existence of positive and negative energies ... more.
Mothers Day: A day to celebrate one of the dearest persons in our life. Interesting origins for mothers day celebrations in some countries. A very interesting article, a must read ... more. Swallowing Diamonds: Thiefs have caught on the trend - to swallow diamonds and jewels when caught stealing! Ignoring the life threatening, dangers criminals often resort to this extreme step ... more. Mango Pickles: An ancient Asian tradition, raw mango pickles are still very popular today. Making your own green mango pickles is far more exciting and relishing then buying some ... more.
Diamond Tradition: How did the tradition of diamonds in wedding and engagement rings begin. A quick flashback, into the past and the beginning of the long lasting tradition of engagement diamond rings more ... more. .Avocados With Ice Cream: While some of you might have eaten avocado with ice cream, few would have experienced the relishing flavor of coconut ice cream and ripe avocado pieces ... more. .

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