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Swallowing A Diamond

Dangerously Daring Crimes

Few of us would have not heard of a diamond, that glittering treasure that adorns the most expensive, lavish and stylish jewelry.The high price of diamonds, is what keeps it running on the rainways and in those red carpet celebrity shows. It is also the high value of this stone that attracts crime, and crimes happen in all possible ways. You might have heard of a jewelry shop armed hold up, or a night time break in to steal diamonds and diamond jewelry. More recently, in the year 2013 - very expensive diamond studded jewelry was stolen from the hotel room of a famous celebrity. The May 2013 Cannes film festival was at the center of 2 stunning diamond jewelry robberies. At first, an expensive jewelry set by Choppard was stolen even before it could reach the star who was to wear it (borrowed) for the event. The jewelry was valued at 1 million U.S$, and if you took off all the big brand hype, and expensive overheads, that would probably be sold for around 600,000 to 70,000 U.S$ in one of the Asian jewelry hubs. The newspapers and television channels, were singing and dancing at such a juicy story and then a second blow. A 2.6 million U.S$ diamond necklace was stolen from a party arranged on the occasion. The interesting thing is that, it was a high security event with over 80 bodygaurds and armed security personnel prowling around the place.

What we are going to talk about in this report is a bit more interesting although, it relates to lower dollar value. A new wave of crime has hit the gems and jewelry industry, innovative diamond and jewelry thiefs have started swallowing the loot! One of the popular spots for commiting such diamond thefts, is at gems and jewelry shows. The thief in some reports, comes with a fake (replica) diamond - fairly easy to find and affordable too. He then walks up to a diamond show booth, and asks to be shown a diamond, for example a 2 carat round diamond stone. With preparations made beforehand, the fake diamond brought in by the thief would look quite similar to the stone in the booth. The idea is to switch the original diamond with the fake and then, politely return the 'diamond' to the booth staff. All seems okay until, the thief gets noticed in the stone swapping act. Left with no option, he swallows the (real) diamond that he has just switched.

In 2012 a case was reported from a gemstone and jewelry exhibition held in one of the Asian hubs for jewelry, Sri Lanka. A tourist of Chinese origin, tried to switch a natural diamond with an artificial one, the real diamond was worth almost 15,000 U.S$. The booth staff noticed the switch and raised an alarm, the Chinese swallowed the original diamond. The security authorities had to confirm the swallowing of the diamond by having an X-ray done at the local hospital. Once this was confirmed, the thief was treated to a full meal of laxatives - the diamond once again, saw the light of day a while later. It is not just Asians who have this desire to swallow diamonds, a similar case was reported from Canada too. A 20,000 U.S$ diamond was swallowed by a 52 year old gentleman. He ended up in a special police cell that, had a toilet minus a flushing system. Close and systematic monitoring of the Canadian's bowel movements paid off, the diamond soon emerged from his system.

The Americans never like to be left behind, and diamond jewelry swallowing is making news there too. A diamond ring that was pawned for just 600 U.S$ in Salt Lake city Utah, turned out to be an expensive 4,000 U.S$ diamond ring that was stolen from a jewelry store. And the thief this time was a lady, she swallowed the original diamond ring and replaced it with a cheap replica. This specific case of diamond jewelry swallowing is interesting, it involved a jewel and this would surely be very much larger than a small loose diamond. And unlike the other cases discussed so far, this diamond ring robbery went quite well for the thief. The jewel passed well through the digestive system and the thief, was able to retrieve the robbed jewel. She even went to the local pawn shop to get some quick cash for the stolen diamond ring. The police report did not mention whether, what kind of toilet or laxative (if any) was used by the lady, to nudge the jewel out of her system!

It is not just 'customers' who are swallong diamods and jewelry. In Sri Lanka a diamond broker or carrier, filled several condoms with diamonds worth more than 650,000 U.S$. He then swallowed the condoms that containe almost 2,000 small diamonds, and tried to enter neighbouring India by air. The security officials in the Indian airport, felt that his movements were a bit strange, the man seemed to be in pain. The man claimed to be suffering from piles, but the officials were not convinced. The secret and the concealed diamonds were soon out, the man probably rested in prison for a few months or even years. The Indian justice system is notorious for it's slowness, evidence and witness processes are often, forgotten or fade away during this long haul.


Danger: Now the dangers of swallowing diamonds or jewelry. Pointed tips or sharp edges can damage the delicate organs inside the body. It is quite obvious that a larger object is more likely to cause damage. When it comes to crimes where the thief swallows these objects, the processing of recovering the valuables from the body of thief, are generally performed under supervision of a medically qualified staff. The brave Sri Lankan who swallowed the condoms filled with diamonds, is stupid rather than brave. A small mistake could have caused internal ruptures that could have resulted in bleeding - this could be fatal and even cause death.

On another note and aside from crime, we would also like you to keep such happenings in mind when children are around the house. Some gems and jewels can be very pretty and attractive, most children show their appreciation for beautiful objects by putting them in their mouth! Beaded jewels could suffer from broken strings, the colorful beads bouncing all over the floor can be tough to control and collect. If there is a small child or baby around the 'accident' site, it is best to first pick the baby and take it off the scene. You can then worry about the beads and strings safely, with the baby out of harms way. With modern day coloring and dyeing technics, it is also possible for gems, pearls and other beads to contain harmful dyes and colors.


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